Terms & Conditions

ITSENG INDIA acts as agent for the various airlines, accommodation, tour and travel principals/related service providers.

All fares, rates, tariffs and schedules provided by us may therefore be subject to change at the discretion of the service supplier.
We also advise all clients to take out Medical, Cancellation and Curtailment insurance, which can purchased on our website (click on insurance dropdown and Click on the Insurance Logos for a quote).
We advise you to obtain medical advice on Malaria and other Health precautions when travelling to India
As a travel service provider it is the policy of the ITSENG INDIA that no bookings can be confirmed until we have received a deposit by EFT into our account and documents cannot be issued/released without full payment having cleared.
All payments will be reconciled against forex rates and charges as at the date of receipt.
All Bookings are Subject to the Terms & Conditions of all the Individual Properties/Companies included in your booking and are available on request. Once a quotation has been accepted and the booking has been invoiced the Terms & Conditions of all the various supplier/s will immediately come into immediate effect.